What’s Product Muses?

I write about cross-functional product development as a Senior Technical Program Manager and formerly as the first Product Manager at a B2B supply chain startup.

I’ve challenged myself to a monthly commitment to write longer-form content or short essays on a problem I’ve tackled or am in progress of resolving, pertaining to product management, leadership, work-life balance, and finding meaning in my life.

Who you are, and why Product Muses will help you

You’re pioneering an individualized path into product management. Along the way, you feel lost, confused, overwhelmed, or even uncertain if this is the path you want to pursue for your career and life.

Product Muses will help you:

  • Synthesize resources to learn the fundamentals about product management

  • Inspire and motivate you to continuously grow holistically as a human being

  • Re-center your focus on what matters to you, your life, and your career

  • Be more kind, compassionate, empathetic, and patient with yourself—and others, as an extension

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Hello! My name is Tiffany. I am a new product manager, learning new things ever day. I share everything I learn, like, and think about pertaining to product management.